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International Designs with an Indian Touch: The Q/M Way

30 Jan 2024
International Designs with an Indian Touch: The Q/M Way

Every jewellery piece from Que by M is a seamless fusion of international design sensibilities with a distinct Indian touch. Each exquisite piece is culturally rich and globally appealing. We curate collections inspired by our vibrant history, intricate craftsmanship, and diverse artistic traditions. We are dedicated to preserving and evolving the art of jewellery-making, showcasing a union of contemporary aesthetics and everlasting Indian motifs. We wish to establish our brand as a global ambassador of Indian craftsmanship. And we aim to do that through a commitment to quality, innovation, and cultural reverence. Our collection provides a unique and enchanting perspective on minimal 18K Gold jewellery.

Global Design Influences

Our brand draws inspiration from diverse cultures and design trends from around the world. Our collection is a reflection on the fusion of various international influences - from contemporary Western styles to traditional Eastern motifs. Q/M’s jewellery showcases elements such as geometric patterns, intricate filigree work, and cultural symbolism. This resonates with customers globally.

Unique Interpretations

Q/M takes pride in its ability to interpret international design trends through an Indian lens, adding a touch of uniqueness to its jewellery collection. Indian artisans infuse their traditional techniques and craftsmanship into creating each piece, resulting in distinctive designs combining the best global trends with the richness of Indian heritage.

Ethical Sourcing

We follow ethical sourcing practices to ensure our jewellery meets international policies and standards. We prioritise responsible sourcing of materials, including conflict-free diamonds and ethically-mined gemstones. This commitment to ethical practices adds a layer of trust and authenticity to our designs.

Craftsmanship and Quality

The skilled artisans at Q/M meticulously handcraft each piece of jewellery, paying close attention to every detail. Their expertise and dedication result in exquisite designs that exhibit superior quality. Q/M’s 18k gold jewellery is known for its durability, longevity, and impeccable finish, making it a coveted choice for jewellery connoisseurs worldwide.

Global Appeal

Q/M’s international designs made in India have gained recognition and appreciation across the globe. We have showcased our jewellery in prestigious international exhibitions, which have been adorned by fashion influencers and celebrities. Our ability to combine global aesthetics with Indian craftsmanship has earned us a loyal customer base who appreciate our unique and globally-inspired designs.

Closing Thoughts

Our 18k gold jewellery collection stands out with its international designs made in India. The ability to blend global design influences with Indian craftsmanship results in exquisite pieces that cater to the discerning tastes of jewellery enthusiasts worldwide. From unique interpretations to ethical sourcing and exceptional craftsmanship, our collection represents the best of both worlds. By choosing Q/M, you can adorn yourself with jewellery that showcases international design sensibilities while celebrating the richness of Indian heritage.

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