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Farewell Gifts for Someone Special

22 Nov 2023
Farewell Gifts for Someone Special

Saying goodbye to someone special can be an emotional and bittersweet moment. Whether it’s a friend, colleague, or loved one, expressing your appreciation and love through a meaningful farewell gift is a beautiful way to cherish the bond you share. Q/M 18k Minimal Jewellery offers a collection of exquisite pieces that make for perfect farewell gifts ensuring heartfelt and memorable moments.

Here are some gifting ideas for your loved ones:

Symbolic Pendant Necklace 

A symbolic pendant necklace from Q/M 18k Minimal Jewellery is a thoughtful farewell gift. Choose a pendant that holds special meaning for the recipient, such as a heart, an infinity symbol, or a significant charm. This necklace will serve as a token of your connection and a reminder of your shared memories.

Friendship Bracelet 

Celebrate the bond of friendship with a friendship bracelet from Q/M 18k Minimal Jewellery. These bracelets are designed to be worn and cherished by both friends, symbolising the enduring connection even when physically apart.

Personalised Initial Earrings

Gift a pair of personalised initial earrings from Q/M 18k Minimal Jewellery. These earrings can be customised with the recipient’s initials, adding a personal touch to the gift. It’s a stylish and sentimental way to commemorate your time together.

Classic Bangles

A classic bangle from Q/M 18k Minimal Jewellery is a timeless farewell gift. Decide a sleek and minimalistic design that can be effortlessly worn. This elegant piece will remind the recipient of your friendship and shared memories.

Minimalist Ring Set 

Surprise someone special with a set of minimalist rings from Q/M 18k Minimal Jewellery. These stackable rings can be worn individually or together, representing the layers of your relationship. Each ring holds its own significance, creating a meaningful and stylish farewell gift. 

Timeless Pendant Watch 

Gift a timeless pendant watch from Q/M 18k Minimal Jewellery as a farewell keepsake. This unique piece combines the functionality of a watch with the elegance of a pendant. It’s a beautiful way to express your appreciation while ensuring the recipient has a stylish accessory.


Saying farewell to someone special is a heartfelt moment, and Q/M 18k Minimal Jewellery offers a range of exquisite pieces to make the farewell memorable. Whether it’s a symbolic pendant necklace, a friendship bracelet, personalised initial earrings, a classic bangle, a minimalist ring set, or a timeless pendant watch, these gifts convey your love and appreciation meaningfully. Choose a piece that resonates with your connection, and let Q/M’s minimal jewellery speak volumes about the bond you share. Farewells may be difficult, but with a heartfelt gift, you can create a lasting reminder of your special relationship.

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